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KonMari Method of folding

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Here are the top ten tips from the book ‘The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo. These are the main tips I thought were interesting or useful. If you want to check out my book review, you can read it here. 1. Store items vertically Kondo recommends storing everything vertically. Books, clothes,. Read more

organizer canberra australia

Posted by Virginia Wells -

So you’re avoiding something on your to do list? Maybe it’s making a call to someone to tell them how you feel? Maybe it’s decluttering the junk room… Whatever it is, it’s time to face it and get it underway today. Often we write things on our To Do List, and then go about avoiding. Read more

Canberra organiser filing

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Feature picture inspired by comedian Arj Barker – “Install a Filing cabinet in your toilet and sort your sh!t out!” To keep your paperwork in check, it can help to have an “action station” set up on your desk.  What’s an action station I hear you say? It’s a filing system that sits on your. Read more

Minimalism is it hard work?

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Lots of people are talking about living a simple life. A life filled with experiences, not stuff. A life with no clutter, which means time to enjoy the simple things in life like relaxation, hobbies and friends. A simple life, or living as a minimalist, to me, indicates less stuff in your home. To the. Read more


My current filing system of chucking things into a box was no longer working…. After getting Virginia in, my personal paperwork, and filing for 2 businesses have been organised logically, and I now have no trouble finding what I need, when I need it! I’d recommend WellSorted to those who are too busy and putting off all their organising.  I found the service great value for money…

Mr McDonald, Business Owner, Watson, ACT