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Canberra organiser filing

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Feature picture inspired by comedian Arj Barker – “Install a Filing cabinet in your toilet and sort your sh!t out!” To keep your paperwork in check, it can help to have an “action station” set up on your desk.  What’s an action station I hear you say? It’s a filing system that sits on your. Read more

Minimalism is it hard work?

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Lots of people are talking about living a simple life. A life filled with experiences, not stuff. A life with no clutter, which means time to enjoy the simple things in life like relaxation, hobbies and friends. A simple life, or living as a minimalist, to me, indicates less stuff in your home. To the. Read more

Social Media Guru

Posted by Virginia Wells -

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire…” Is your digital life draining your soul of the oxygen it needs to continue burning bright? Then you need to read this blog post by guest blogger Jessica Schumann from Rambling Ranga. She’s a Canberra-based digital and social media consultant who works with people, brands and. Read more

WellSorted Professional Organising, Getting Things Done, To Do Lists

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Got something on your To Do List to get done but you’ve successfully avoided it all week… month or year? Why do you avoid it? And how do you overcome procrastination? Here are a few different ways. Emotions bubbling away Sometimes you’re avoiding it because there’s a bunch of emotions buried under the surface. It. Read more


Working with WellSorted has created more physical space in my garage & house as well as “psychological” space. It really felt like a weight had lifted when I got rid of stuff from previous work roles & relationships. I felt like it was a good opportunity to move on & literally leave the past behind. It felt freeing. The sense of relief I feel when I look at the open space the de-cluttering has created is well worth the time and money I invested. I would recommend Virginia to anyone.

Donella Johnston, Ngunnawal, ACT