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Declutter Your Bathroom For A “Less Stress” Morning

A decluttered bathroom really can save time and stress in the morning. Here’s why…

We have so many products to choose from in our bathrooms (and potentially spotted throughout our bedroom, handbags, car and house).  So many hair care, makeup and hygiene products are available and often we are in the search of the ‘perfect’ cream or gloss. With so many products lying around we can often waste precious time searching for our favourite gloss or moisturiser. Let’s create some space in your bathroom, and save you some time looking for and deciding on the products we use.

Four Steps to a decluttered bathroom

1. Get all of your products out

Go on, go and collect all of your makeup, moisturisers, shampoos, hair care products and so on from every corner of the house (and car) and put them all into one spot. I do this on the bathroom floor in front of the cupboard, but you could carry it to your dining room table in a laundry basket if you want to sit on a chair.

2.  Declutter and sort them into ‘Like’ items

Look at each item and check to see if it’s out of date/off or you know it’s been in there for 1+ years.  Toss these out. If it’s still good, group your items into categories e.g. put all of your soaps together, all of your face moisturisers, all hand moisturisers, all eyeliners and so on….

3.  Reviewing and refining the rest

With all of the out-of-date stuff gone and the rest categorised, you should have a clear picture of where you have a surplus.  If you can see you have 5+ body moisturisers, pick out your favourite and donate the rest if they’re unopened.  If they’re all half empty, be honest about why and make a decision now.  For example, if you hate the smell, you’ll never use it so throw it out. It seems wasteful but it’s sitting in your cupboard unused – and wasted already. It’s just taking up your space (and getting in your way).

Do this with each category and consider how often you would use the item and therefore how many you’d need.  These products, like food, do have a ‘best before’ situation going on, so be honest about how long it’s been sitting in there, how long it’s likely to sit until it is used, and if you’re truly going to use it. With makeup items, put all of your ‘go-to’ items together.  Then be honest about what you’ll really use out of the rest.  Consider, how many shades of blue eye shadow you really need… Not sure how to choose what stays? I recommend picking out your favourite items first from said category and then be choosey about the rest!

4.  Set yourself some decluttered bathroom rules

Some examples of rules you can set yourself for your decluttered bathroom:

  • You’re only allowed x3 body moisturisers in the cupboard at a time
  • x5 spare soaps allowed
  • All items to be thrown out if it’s passed its used-by-date or hasn’t been touched within 1 year
  • You’re only allowed to buy more shower gels once the other 6 have been used up
  • If you try a makeup item on (eg: lipstick shade) and decide you don’t like it and put something else on instead… throw it out immediately.

After you’ve followed these 4 steps, you should be left with the items you love to use.  You’ll spend less time stressing about where your favourite mascara is amongst everything else and get out the door quicker! You’ll love getting ready in your decluttered bathroom.

Do you have an emotional attachment to your makeup and need an encouraging, firm, yet empathetic hand to sort through your bathroom?  Give me a call to book a session today.

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