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4 Ways to Organise Your Home in 5 Minutes a Day

With all the different activities we do nowadays, we can struggle to keep our house organised.  If you set aside five minutes a day, you’ll see some changes in your home and maintain order. Here are four ways to organise your home in 5 minutes a day.

4 Five Minute Organising Options

Option 1 – Designated Basket

Dedicate a basket in your home to collect stuff that belongs elsewhere. You know, that stuff you intend to put away later. I find this often congregates in kitchens and lounge rooms. During the day, you place items in this basket to redistribute to their ‘home’ at the end of the day.

Your five minute session is then focused on emptying the basket by putting the items in their designated spot, or creating a home for them.

If you read this and think ‘pffft my home is too out of control for that’ then alter it slightly. Instead, just focus on one room. Fill the basket with stuff that isn’t where it should be. Only spend two minutes doing this. For the last 3 minutes, put away items that have ‘homes’ already, or create homes for those that don’t.

Option 2 – Fill a Garbage Bag

Another option is spending five minutes filling a garbage bag with stuff you know can leave the house.  I’ll list a few options below. You’ll just choose one of these per five-minute session.

  1. Rubbish
  2. Recycling
  3. Shredding
  4. To give away to charity, or
  5. Things to be returned to others

Be clear that these are things you’re 100% comfortable letting go of. In your five-minute session, include time to put the rubbish in the bin, label the bags (for charity or friends), and schedule time in your diary to deliver items to charity. This will make sure it doesn’t sit around the house for another six months.

Option 3 – Group Like Items

Another way getting started decluttering is to spend five minutes gathering ‘like items’ together. You could gather all clothes, CDs, books or stationery in your five-minute session. It might take a few sessions to gather all your clothes together. It doesn’t matter. It’ll make it easier to decide what to keep when you have all items in that category in the same place. At the end of these sessions, make sure you include time to find a home for these items. It might be a temporary home until you’ve cleared space in the wardrobe.

Option 4 – Spend Five Minutes on an Area

Choose a spot, any spot.  Spend your five minutes making decisions on each item you touch. Where does it belong? Do you have to keep it? Put them away at the end of your session.

Wrapping it up

These are just a few ways to get started and stay focused on decluttering.  It does help to have a few spots set up to ensure this is a success each time, like the ‘transition station’.

Ideally, we’d magically have the right amount of time and energy to put our stuff away as we use it. Life is unpredictable though so having some stopgaps instead can help you avoid the chaos or a big weekend clean up.

Let’s get started. Choose one of the above five-minute sessions and give it a go. You can organise your home in 5 minutes a day! Tell us in the WellSorted Facebook Group what you did and how it went!

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