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Virginia Wells

Virginia Wells

Amazing Clutterless Gift Ideas – Consumables & Contributions – Part 2

In part 1 you were given ideas of gifting experiences to avoid building up clutter in people’s homes.  Another way to avoid contributing to loved one’s clutter is to gift consumables.

In my family, for some members, we’ve agreed to only gift consumable items. Stuff that’s able to be used up or eaten.

Gifting Consumables


Some ideas are:

  • Local wines and preserves
  • Baking biscuits or cakes, or whatever you fancy
  • Buy from your local markets and businesses delicious treats
  • Plants or flowers
  • Fancy chocolate
  • Moisturisers and body products

Be sure to go with brands that you believe th will like when it comes to body products as this is one of those things that a lot of people have in their bathroom cupboard unused.

Consumables and experiences not floating your boat? Another idea is to

Contribute to a Bigger Present


If you know they’re after the latest iPad, but you can’t afford to get it for them, you could make a contribution to that.  This is a great option for kids gifts, allowing their parents to put it towards a cubby house or swing set instead of being left with an overwhelming amount of new toys that inevitably get forgotten about.

I’ve also heard of some families contributing to a family holiday fund instead of buying gifts for each other.  Once a year, they then go to the coast as a family and have fun with that fund money.


So hopefully, these posts have helped spark your imagination on gift giving and how it can be done differently.


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