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Breathe a Sigh of Relief from the Moment You Step Into Your Home

Do you breathe a sigh of relief when you get home? I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to come home and feel immediately at ease. Creating that ‘Aaaaaah’ moment when you step into your home can be as simple as refreshing your entryway and front garden.

Focus On The Entry

Often the front of our homes can become neglected because we’re focused on the inside.  This means that as we walk towards our house, we often (subconsciously) see those things that need some attention and don’t get around to.  With broken pots, dead plants, scattered shoes and cobwebs about the place we can feel a bit down about coming home.

First impressions count right and subtle things can bring us down.  So step outside, stand back and look at your home.

Does anything make you feel unwelcome? Does it reflect you, your family and your lifestyle?

Freshening up this area can be as simple as removing cobwebs, unused items and tidying up the littered shoes/umbrellas cluttering up your space.  Have a look around.  Do any plants need replacing? Do you need better storage solutions?  Are there areas of the entryway in need of maintenance?

Wander around your front garden and entryway and see if there are garden ornaments that you’ve out-grown, areas that need attention or pots that are broken. Deal with this stuff or make a note to follow up on these areas to get it back into shape.  (this may need outside help, don’t be afraid to ask).

With those things taken care of, imagine walking to your front door and unwinding as you go… your house welcoming you home.

It’s well worth the effort!

If you’re struggling to sort this space out, come over and share your thoughts in the WellSorted Facebook group. We’re there to help you find that ‘aaaaah’ feeling and breathe a sigh of relief entering your home!

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