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What Documents Can I Throw Out?

Documents are one of those things a lot of us are afraid to throw out, just in case we might need it. If you’re not sure what to keep, have a read through this blog. Another common reason we’ve kept a bit of paper, is because we have to follow

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WellSorted's personal journey into a crystal cull

An Organiser’s Personal Journey in Culling a Collection

Many of us collect something.  When our collection grows it needs storage, care and maintenance. It’s important to review our collections every so often, to check it’s still in good condition and that some, or all of it, still makes our heart sing. It’s also good to review how it’s

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Should I Declutter By Category Or Room By Room?

When decluttering, something that’s worth considering is if you will declutter by category (like all books at once, then clothes and so on)… or tackle it room by room. Everyone has an opinion on this including Marie Kondo – Author of The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up.  She believes

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WellSorted, school papers, decluttered, find things

What Paperwork Should I Keep When I Do My Filing?

Sometimes we can be discouraged from doing our filing as we don’t know what we should keep. When it comes to the must keep documents, it’s almost the same rules for everyone. For the rest of our paperwork though, it really is an individual decision. Deciding what to keep can

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