Organising Your Digital Documents

Do you dread looking at the files on your computer? Files everywhere? Can’t get your hands on that document you wrote last week? That photo of your mum? We often have digital folders full of documents that are disorganised. This leads us to be in a flap when we try

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Overcome Your Inbox Overwhelm With These Simple Tips

Is your inbox out of control with emails that you want to keep? Do you struggle to find the email when you run a search? Then maybe it’s time you set up (or review) email folders and tags. To begin, when assessing your overflowing inbox ask yourself: Do you need to keep

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How To Go Paperless

Image inspired by Arj Barker’s joke – “Put a filing cabinet in your toilet and sort your shit out.” Well.  There are many ways to go about this, but honestly, you need to decide if it’s for you.  Some people are just not made for a paperless system.  You may also

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Social Media Guru

Digital Declutter: Reignite Your Soul

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire…” Is your digital life draining your soul of the oxygen it needs to continue burning bright? Then you need to read this blog post by guest blogger Jessica Schumann from Rambling Ranga. She’s a Canberra-based digital and social media consultant who

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