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The 101 on Setting Up A Toy Rotation

Too many toys? Don’t know what to do? A toy rotation might be what you need. What is a toy rotation?  It’s simply having a set number of toys out for the child to play with, and other sets of toys packed away that you’ll switch out with those being

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Travel With Less These Holidays

Are you envious of those people who cruise through customs with one small bag? Have you always wanted to travel lighter, but don’t know how? Help is at hand! We’ve got guest blogger Slobodanka (Bobby) Graham from Planepack providing tips and advice on how to travel light – essentially with carry on only.

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Canberra, Professional Organiser

Moving on Sentimental Clutter

Over the last few blog posts I’ve been talking about the four types of clutter. Emotional Clutter, Sentimental Clutter, ‘Valuable’ Clutter and Memory Trigger Clutter.  This blog post, I’ll go over sentimental clutter and how to tackle it. What is Sentimental Clutter and does it really exist?  I mean, there’s

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Canberra, Organiser

The Four Types of Clutter and How to Fix it

Some think that clutter is just stuff right? Wrong. There are many different forms of clutter and we all call it something different. I work with the definition that clutter is the stuff that gets in the way of you living the life you want. If we dig a bit

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