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WellSorted Decluttering Card Decks

The Decluttering and Organising Solution in a FUN Card Format

Looking for something to help you get motivated and inspired to declutter your home and keep it that way? Do you want organising help in a format that is easy to dip into when you have the time?

Then the WellSorted Decluttering Card Decks are for you.

WellSorted has developed a Card Deck Duo to help you organise your home. The Decluttering Card Deck (green) will help you declutter your home from top to bottom. The Keep The Clutter Away Maintenance Card Deck (orange) helps you delutter and organise to a deeper level – and, importantly, keep it that way.

These card decks are designed as manageable, bite sized guides, with a total of 120 challenges between them that you can do in your home. Each card includes a task for a different area of your home, to beat the clutter and keep your space organised. You might choose a specific task, like tackling your books. Or you might shuffle the decks and do one at random.

Why not declutter your home in this fun and easy-to-use card format?

Practical & Fun

Tips, challenges, guidance and encourangement for every area of your home. Choose a card at random or tackle a particular space of your choice.

120 Cards

120 double-sided cards across the two packs. Each pack includes a how-to booklet with instructions for using the cards plus general decluttering and organising advice.

Get Headspace

The cards help you get into the right headspace for decluttering and guides you to create good habits for maintaining your space into the future.

Great Gift

Together, the WellSorted card decks make a great gift for friends and loved ones who you know would love to get their home working in a way that supports their life.

Look Inside the Card Decks...

WellSorted Decluttering
Card Deck

This deck comes with 76 cards to create a clutter-free home, top to bottom. Each card will provide you with achievable decluttering tasks, designed to help you declutter your mind, home and life. With great tips on how to decultter and organise your stuff. It covers all areas in your home, and even has some general delcuttering tasks to cover areas that might be unique to your home.  These cards will inspire and motivate you, leading you to the change you want. The card format makes these more fun and easier-to-use than a decluttering self-help book.

Keep The Clutter Away Maintenance Card Deck

This companion deck has 44 cards to help you maintain a clutter-free home. The perfect accompaniment to the WellSorted Declutttering Card Deck, each card has achievable decluttering challenges focussed on setting up processes and guidelines to support you in maintaining a clutter-free home.

We highly recommend that this deck is used in conjunction with the WellSorted Decluttering Card Deck to keep your home organised.

What if I just want one card deck? Which is right for me?

Decluttering Deck

Get Decluttered

Start with this deck if:
  • You are new to decluttering
  • Your home needs substantial decluttering
  • You want to learn the theory of decluttering
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Keep The Clutter Away Maintenance Deck

Get Organised & Maintain

Buy this deck if:
  • You have worked through the Decluttering Card Deck
  • You want to refine your home systems and spaces
  • You have decluttered your home either with an organiser or on your own and want to maintain it
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Get both decks for a discounted price

We’ve packaged up both of the card decks to create a super practical and fun way to help you declutter and maintain your home. They were designed together and work best when you’ve worked through the green WellSorted Decluttering Card Deck. You can then dip into the orange Maintenance Card Deck to take you a step further, or helps you maintain an uncluttered home. It helps you keep the clutter away. It’s a match made in organising heaven!

The Multi-Pack is perfect for…

What do our customers say?


Lyn Baker, Bookkeeper at Highly Accountable

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Your Card Deck has been such a great lifesaver in our house. We’ve gone from chaos to getting clean and organised one card at a time. We shuffled the deck and picked 1 or 2 cards a month. I love them! They were easy to use, and great tips.

"Extremely helpful"

Honouring M.E. Crochet, Shared on Facebook

One of the keys to relaxing with crochet is having a workspace that makes you feel calm. I know my crochet corner is decluttered (despite the size of my stash!) and I have this card deck to help me with this room and the rest of my house. Extremely helpful!​

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