WellSorted Release and Replenish Room Mist - 100ml

The Release and Replenish Room Mist is a beautiful way to support you in clearing clutter from the mind and spirit, as you work through your home. Get our gorgeous WellSorted Signature Blend as a spritz for your room, car, or even your linen.


Designed to help you feel less overwhelmed about the decluttering process, we’ve made our signature blend oil available as a room mist. Spray it around your room, on your clothes, on linen, or even on your face for a refreshing lift. Create a harmonising and soothing space with the scent of uplifting lime, fortifying geranium, balancing bergamot, and calming cedarwood.

The pure organic essential oils in this blend have a balancing, calming, and grounding effect whilst uplifting, energising, and refreshing you. Regain self-confidence, uplift your spirit, and refresh a fatigued, tired mind.  

Directions: Spray mist into the air to infuse room with a subtle scent. Use it to freshen your home, office, or car, or even as a linen spray. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Seek advice if you’re pregnant. Store in a cool dark place.

Ingredients: Purified water, disper, Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)*, Bergamot (Citrus aurantium var bergamia)*. Cedarwood Cedrus atlantica*, Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)*.

*certified organic

Hand blended in Canberra, Australia by maaorganics for WellSorted.

This uplifting room mist is perfect for…

  • Helping you get ready to declutter or organise a space
  • Refreshing your mind and spirit
  • Spritzing when you hit that mid-afternoon slump
  • Freshening your home, office, or car
  • Spraying on linen
  • Helping you unclutter mentally so you can focus on a task
  • Yourself… or to give as a gift to family and friends

WellSorted’s release and replenish room mist includes:

  • 100ml of hand-blended ingredients
  • Certified organic essential oils
  • Purified water

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More details:

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Weight 114 g
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 cm
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