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Makeup organising, WellSorted, bathroom cupboards, storing beauty products

Posted by Virginia Wells -

We have so many products to choose from in our bathrooms (and potentially spotted throughout our bedroom, handbags, car and house).  So many hair care, makeup and hygiene products are available and often we are in the search of the ‘perfect’ cream or gloss. With so many products lying around we can often waste precious. Read more

dining room table junk keeping your friends away

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Is your dining room table covered in piles of paper? Perhaps the clean washing gets dumped on it for folding….  or it may even be the landing pad for bags, keys and miscellaneous junk. It’s a flat surface. It’s a common space to become a dumping ground. Trust me.  But all of this stuff, means. Read more

papers, filing, WellSorted, get organised, tax time?, stress, offices, guilt, filings not done

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Few people enjoy filing so we end up with piles of paper around the home and office that we don’t know what to do with. Your papers may start ‘talking’ to you and making you feel guilty because you haven’t done anything with it yet (or is that just me and my perfectionism taunting me)?. Read more

plastic bags, shopping bags, kitchens, organising, hoarding bags, bag addiction, WellSorted, decluttering

Posted by Virginia Wells -

*** Updated November 2018 to reflect information on the nationwide plastic bag ban *** Bags, Bags, Bags, so many bags and I’m not talking about the ones under our eyes! A common theme I’ve noticed amongst my clients, friends, and myself (up until recently), is that we don’t want to part with BAGS! I’m talking. Read more


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