Feeling overwhelmed and out of control at home, sucks.  Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time at home and lots of important and fun things happen there.  So it’s vital to get it set up right and functioning for you. Life is much easier when things at home are working for you.

“Exactly!” I hear you say.   “But how do I get a bit of that in my home?”

If that’s the case, you may feel like you’re drowning in stuff.  Whether it be an inheritance, boxes from several moves, memory loaded items, sentimental items, toys, clothes, collections or all of the above.  Or maybe, you’ve been diagnosed with hoarding. You have stuff everywhere and you’ve had enough!

Or perhaps you feel more like you’re busy and overwhelmed. You’ve got so much going on with life, things have gotten out of control. There’s stuff everywhere. You can’t find things anymore, the family all contribute to the mess… you have a never-ending to do list… and you’re just, well, tired!  You’re after someone to tell you where to start.  You want hands on, one-to-one support. You want to know storage solutions, tips and guidance will be offered along the way, so you can avoid ending up in the same spot in a few years time. 

Or for some of you, you might consider yourself a minimalist. You may have it all organised.  You don’t have much clutter and you’re feeling like most things are working for you. Buuuuut you’d like someone to give you tips to implement on your own.  You want to talk through some of your ideas to help decide what your next step is.

Regardless of which you identify with more, Virginia will be able to assist you.  If you know you want to be free of the anxiety in your tummy when contemplating your To Do list… If you’re looking for flow in your home, mind and life. If you’re ready to reclaim your life and give back to yourself. Then Virginia can help you.

How Virginia can help you:

    • Uncover your needs and guide you through your clutter and To Do’s.
    • Create order and space in your wardrobe, pantry, cupboards, house, shed/garage and storage areas by decluttering and re-organising.
    • Get your paperwork under control and create systems that keep it under control!
    • Recommend storage solutions that suit you and your home.
    • Remove your unwanted items to charity, the tip or recycling stations as required. Large quantity of stuff to go?  Arranging removal of items via 3rd parties and provide you with quotes.
    • Assist you in selling items or provide you with tips to do it yourself.
    • Track the ‘To Do’s‘ and teach you how to prioritise these items. No more overwhelm!
    • (I am an NDIS provider and have a Working With Vulnerable People card).

I’ve created a video to help answer questions I often get asked about how I work and what a session looks like. If you feel like you’ve got a few questions, have a watch of the video.

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The packages below are guides as to what WellSorted offers.  Virginia offers tailored packages to help you maintain an organised home.  Call now to book yours today.