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How To Spring Clean Your Garden Shed

Is it time to clean your garden shed? Spring has sprung and we have many things in our gardens to take care of. Fertilising, pruning, planting the list goes on. To enjoy your time in the garden over the sunnier months, you’ll need to get your gardening shed sorted. Organising it will stop the pfaffing about you’ve done in the past to find that tool you need.  You can walk in, pick up what you need, and garden.

To clean up your garden shed, I’d recommend doing the following:

1. Gather and Assess

Get all of your gardening items into the one spot. Have a look at each item and decide:

  1. Will you use it again?
  2. Is it still good? Throw out things that have passed their used-by-dates, and consider oiling/sharpening tools.
  3. Do you need three shovels, fertilisers or forks?

Throw out or donate whatever you no longer need or want.

2. Group ‘Like Items’ Together

Once you’ve got everything together, group and store all ‘like items’ together. You can categorise them in different ways. Some examples are: Garden Food, Garden Poisons, Tools and so on. You could group them into categories that are for specific to your roses or orchids. Only do this though if these products are only used for that one plant.

3. Create Storage Solutions

Assess if you have adequate storage available to display your gardening stuff. Can you access them easily? If other things are stored in the shed, push it aside and focus on your gardening section. You can deal with the other stuff later.

Make sure you store any poisonous products out of reach of children and pets.

  • Items you use often should be at eye level and in easy reach.  Heavier items at waist height or lower.
  • Loose items like hose pieces or similar should be kept together in a container or box. Label it for an easy find.
  • Shovels, axes, clippers, mattocks and other tools can be hung on a wall. Use nails for a DIY job, or consider tool wall organisers from hardware shops for a more professional look.

If you don’t have adequate storage, measure the space you’d like to dedicate to your gardening stuff. Having a clear idea of the space and the items that will fill that area will save you time and $$ in the long run. You’ll end up with the right solution the first time.

This should set you up for a season of easy care gardening without rummaging for your things.

If your garden shed doubles for anything else (garage, storage, workshop, gym) you can follow the same steps. Gather and Assess, Group ‘Like Items’ and Create Storage Solutions. But that’s a whole other post.

Have you done a clean up of your garden shed recently? What’s your tip for easy garden storage? Share your tips in the WellSorted Facebook Group.

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