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We’ve come to the end of the series of blog posts on the four types of clutter.  To recap they are Emotional Clutter, Sentimental Clutter, ‘Valuable’ Clutter and Memory Trigger Clutter.  This last post I’ll talk about Memory Trigger Clutter, or Reminder Clutter.

What is Memory Trigger Clutter, or Reminder Clutter?

This is the stuff that reminds us to do something. Some examples are:

  • A broken chair that we ‘need to fix’.
  • The electricity bill reminding us to pay it
  • Notes left about the place reminding us to do things

What do you do about memory trigger clutter?

The memory trigger or ‘reminder’ clutter is actually the easiest to deal with.

All you do is make a list.

With bills and other important paper work, just jot down the reminder on your to do list and file it or bin it. You might add to your list where you’ve filed it, if you’re afraid of forgetting. With post-it notes and other random scraps of paper with reminders all over them, write them down on your to do list as well and toss them out.

Items that need fixing or some other action? Do the same. Add the action to your to do list, then put it in it’s home, which might just be a ‘fix it box’.


Its important to make regular times to review your list and action it, otherwise you won’t get far!

What reminders do you have lying around? Spend five minutes now noting it down and scheduling some time to follow through one these tasks.

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