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Virginia Wells

Virginia Wells

WellSorted in the Media

I’ve been in the media a little bit over the last few years.  I thought I’d share some of these with you. 

This particular podcast was put together by Kirsty and Amy from The Art of Decluttering. They interviewed organisers in Australia at the Institute of Professional Organisers conference. You’ll hear me a few minutes into this pod cast.

I’ve also been interviewed by Clare Press, Vogue’s Sustainability Editor via her Instagram page. Debuting my card decks.

I’ve been on the radio a few times too. In August and September 2019 I was on ABC 666 but unfortunately didn’t get any audio of this. I was also on a little while ago and you can see more on that here. Oh and here’s another.

My first radio slot below was very nerve racking but I got through the interview with the very lovely Lish and hopefully imparted a few tips to you all.  I sound different to how I thought I’d sound, at least my nerves didn’t come across too much (that is, I was able to form sentences and partly get across what I would have liked.  You’ll might get a chuckle out of the moment I forget the question because of my cluttered mind ;)

The one below is with Lish Feyer of ABC Radio – 666.  (This was recorded by my sister-in-law with her daughter in the background sounding cute, but you can hear the broadcast clearly enough.  If I track down an official copy I’ll be sure to post it up for you all).  The discussion is mainly on clutter in your home and those sentimental items that are hard to get rid of.  The last few minutes are on my 3 tips to get started.  Enjoy, if you missed it and share your comments below.

Or download here:

WellSorted ABC 666 Appearance 2014

I have also been featured in Her Canberra, an online Canberra magazine.  As I am the ACT Declutter Expert for the Garage Sale Trail, there have been a few articles published about garage sales and clutter busting to promote the fantastic initiative.

Part one focuses on clutter and how to get started.

The second article focuses on how to get the family involved in decluttering

The third article was focused around setting up your sale and how to tackle a Garage Sale Trail shopping spree too. Tips on setting up your Garage Sale courtesy of myself.

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