As a member of the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO), I adhere to the Institute’s Code of Conduct. As found on the IOPO website:

This Code of Conduct is a set of principles to provide guidelines in our professional conduct with our clients, colleagues and community. As a member of the Institute, I agree to adopt the following code of conduct.

Conduct Within The Community:

IOPO Members Will:

  • advertise my services in an honest and accurate manner
  • protect the public against unfair practices
  • help eliminate practices that bring discredit to the organising profession, the industry and IOPO
  • strive for excellence in all aspects of the industry.

Conduct With Clients:

IOPO Members Will:

  • provide accurate and honest information regarding performance of duties and completion of contracts
  • will refer to appropriate professionals if not qualified or capable to perform the work
  • keep all client information confidential unless expressly requested by that client to make the information public (happy testimonials)
  • communicate in advance fees and expenses, and independently decide what fees and expenses will be
  • respect all legal and contractual obligation as set by state and federal laws

Conduct With Colleagues:

IOPO Members will:

  • deal with their fellow IOPO members, employees, colleagues, and service suppliers in a fair and equitable manner
  • maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to bring credit to the organising profession
  • deal openly with those areas that may be deemed a conflict of interest
  • respect the intellectual property rights of others and not reproduce any information without the express permission of the owner
  • have (limited) permission to the respectful use of the IOPO Membership logo on their business website and business card
  • support and guide other IOPO members for the benefit and growth of the entire industry