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With hundreds of members, there’s always great discussion going on. The friendly group answer each other’s questions and support each other’s decluttering and organising efforts. I am in there daily so if you have questions or organising challenges, that is a great place to get answers. Click the button below to join us.

I love the WellSorted group. I feel like I am with my kindred spirits, people who understand that getting your house organised is not always that simple. It's a place to share ideas, challenges and the wins, no matter how small. Virginia does a great job of being supportive and engages with all the members, sharing helpful suggestions and cheering us on along the way.
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"I love delving into the WellSorted information, finding Virginia’s posts and website of great value at this particular point of my life. Her ideas on de-cluttering are not only very helpful & insightful, but delivered in a fun manner, helping me approach my tasks more proactively. Virginia is easy to approach with questions, and her responses are always friendly. She is a great person who believes in her clients and shows appreciation of their situation in all her dealings with them."
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Virginia has a lovely nature and is a non-judgmental, accepting, gentle and calm presence as you work together to sort through the clutter that is a burden and forever on your to-do-list.
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Blog Resources

I also regularly write on organising and decluttering. My blog resources contain a wealth of decluttering and organising information.

Here are some posts that might be of interest to get started.

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