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Decluttering and Where to Donate, Aligned to Your Values 

Decluttering your space is a liberating journey, but the question of how to do this, in alignment to your values can be challenging. Where to donate your unwanted items can be one (of the many) stumbling blocks you can face. Often, it’s because you’re unclear where you can donate, but more often, I’ve found, it’s about finding a donation place that aligns with your values. If you’re struggling with this, you’re definitely not alone. Let’s explore this dilemma together and uncover some practical solutions.  

Where Do I Donate Stuff I Don’t Want?  

Decluttering, Recycling, and Repurposing – these actions pave the way for a more organised and fulfilling life. However, knowing where to donate your unwanted items is crucial for a successful decluttering journey. Sometimes, we successfully find things we are happy to part with, but getting it out the door to a charity, is the challenging part. While this post focuses on Canberra, the principles apply universally.  

Choosing the Right Donation Destination 

Charity Shops: 

  • St Vincent de Paul’s and the Salvation Army are excellent options as they take almost anything, as long as it’s in good condition. Vinnie’s doesn’t take electronics, whereas Salvation Army often takes electronics and rags.  Call ahead and ask. Some struggle with donating to these bigger charity shops because they feel people who ‘have money’ buy things here when it should be going to those less fortunate. I could go into detail here about their principles, but this post isn’t about convincing you about where to donate specifically. Rather, it’s about acknowledging your values and helping you find other solutions.   
  • So, if these big players aren’t your cup of tea, the post has a few more ideas. The WellSorted Home Course will offer opportunities to delve into donation destinations further. 


  • Communities at Work in Canberra aids workforce re-entry by accepting quality work clothes. 
  • In other states they have similar initiative called Dressed for Success
  • Zonta International supports various causes through clothing, linen, and towel donations. 

Local Initiatives: 

  • Schools, fetes, and groups supporting the disabled often seek donations. 
  • The Green Shed at the tip in Canberra is a versatile option. Or your ‘tip shop’ in other states. 

Community Connections: 

  • Family, friends, and community connections are potential recipients. 
  • Online platforms like Buy Swap Sell, Freecycle, and Buy Nothing pages provide donation opportunities. 

Bridging Values and Decluttering 

Where to donate is just one of the areas where we may be at odds with how to proceed. As we declutter, we often face conflicting values that guide our decisions (or deferred decisions). They include sustainability, time-saving, space creation, or mental well-being.  

If you find this resonating strongly with you, let me share an exciting opportunity with you here. 

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