Declutter Reflection: Look Back on Where You’ve Come From

January is a good time for reflection, specifically a declutter reflection! It’s important to take some time for review and to reflect on where you were when you first started. How far have you come since you started on your decluttering journey? What have you achieved? How have you (and your

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Dream sign on stack of magazines

Creating a Vision for Your Home

Do you have a vision for your home? The first thing we need to understand before we start our decluttering journey, is our vision, our end goal, our desire for the space and our home. Knowing this will feed into your motivation to keep up the hard work of actually

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Unrealistic timeframes for decluttering

Unrealistic Timeframes for Decluttering: The Reason You Fail

Are your unrealistic timeframes for decluttering holding you back? Have you tried decluttering and organising your home lots and gotten nowhere? I get told this a lot. One main contributor to this failure is the expectations we place on ourselves around the time it will take to declutter a space…

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The Six Tub Approach to Decluttering

I use a six tub approach to decluttering. You may have heard me mention it before. I think it is time I explained it fully. When you’ve decided to declutter an area it is good to have a method to get you through all your stuff. The Six Tub Approach,

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