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Do you have a filing system set up but find that it fills up quickly and needs to be culled? There are ways to maintain your filing system without having to do a yearly clear out.  Here are a few tips to get you started. One-in-one-out Rule. Let’s use bank statements as an example.  You’ve. Read more

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A lot of us have digital clutter and often we turn a blind eye to it as it’s ‘hidden’ away on a computer or on our phone. This type of clutter can still create just as much stress for us as we can’t get our hands on a document or photo when we need it.. Read more

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Are you envious of those people who cruise through customs with one small bag? Have you always wanted to travel lighter, but don’t know how? Help is at hand! We’ve got guest blogger Slobodanka (Bobby) Graham from Planepack providing tips and advice on how to travel light – essentially with carry on only. But why travel light, you. Read more

WellSorted's personal journey into a crystal cull

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Many of us collect something.  When our collection grows it needs storage, care and maintenance. It’s important to review our collections every so often, to check it’s still in good condition and that some, or all of it, still makes our heart sing. It’s also good to review how it’s being stored to make sure. Read more

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Is your inbox out of control with emails that you want to keep? Do you struggle to find the email when you run a search? Then maybe it’s time you set up (or review) email folders and tags. To begin, when assessing your overflowing inbox ask yourself: Do you need to keep it? No really, do you?. Read more


Virginia offered strategic, thoughtful advice & was unobtrusive & sensitive to the emotion that was being dredged up by the stuff we were working through. Her services were an excellent investment on solving a problem that has been hanging over my head for several years. I was looking for someone to accompany me & “coach” me through getting rid of superfluous & redundant physical clutter that was having a psychological effect on my mental clarity.

Donella Johnston, Ngunnawal, ACT