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A Home For Things That Need Fixing, and the Random Bits-and-Bobs

Do you have a few bits and pieces lying around your house, that you don’t really know what it’s off but you think might be important? Do you have broken things, or things that need fixing about the place? Well, if you’re a client of mine, you’re probably all over the “Fix it, Find It Box”. If not, then you’ll be thinking “what are you on about?”

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How To Have (And Keep) An Organised Email Inbox

Is your email inbox out of control with emails that you want to keep? Do you struggle to find the email with searches? Then maybe it’s time you set up (or review) email folders and tags. I’ve written several blogs on dealing with email inboxes and general paperwork filing so maybe

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Fantastic floordrobes and how to avoid them

What is a floordrobe? A floordrobe is where we have clothes all over the floor instead of it being in the wardrobe. Floor and ‘drobe’ equals ‘Floordrobe’. Typical things that create a floordrobe are: Too Many Clothes No washing routine (or too spread out). Means you have lots of clothes

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How To Host Your Own Clothes Swap Party

Need some encouragement to cull your wardrobe? A great way to be ok with letting go of the clothes is to host a clothes swap party with your besties! A clothes swap party? I hear you ask. What’s that?  Well, in essence it’s a get together with friends. You invite

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