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Reasons Why You Procrastinate And How To Avoid It

Got something on your To Do List to get done but you’ve successfully avoided it all week… month or year? Why do you avoid it? And how do you overcome procrastination? Here are a few different ways.   Emotions bubbling away Sometimes you’re avoiding it because there’s a bunch of

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How To Cull Your Precious Stationery Stash

So you’re addicted to stationery. You have piles of planners, notebooks and the like throughout your home and office. You know deep down that it’s time to let some go 플라즈마 소드 다운로드. But how? They’re all so awesome! Have a think about what they’re promising you 다운로드. Understanding these

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Why Am I Addicted to Stationery?

So many of my clients tell me “I have a stationery addiction!!!” Sound familiar? Do you have cupboards full of Pretty notebooks, diaries and organisers Various shaped and decorated sticky notes Fancy pens Paperclips in different shapes… 다운로드. I get it. There’s lots of cool stuff on offer these days.

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Top Travel Packing Tips From Canberra’s Friendly Petsitter

We’ve got a guest blogger Kristen Holzapfel from Canberra’s Friendly Petsitter today. With her job, she finds herself living out of a suitcase so she’s written a blog post to share the way she organises her bags. Her blog will not only give you an insight into her life, but will

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