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Ever feel like you just can’t focus on a task and get things done?  You know when you walk into a room to do ‘A’, and then find yourself doing ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘Z’ instead?  You get to the end of your day and you wonder where your time went and why you never got. Read more

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When I talk to clients about how they feel about their house, they often say things like “I don’t know how it got like this. It’s depressing, embarrassing and I’m so ashamed I let it get this bad.  It’s so awful…”. I’m sure this feels like it’s far from perfect. Depression, illness, work, stress. An. Read more

Sort out your sh!t, sort out your crap,

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We’re all prone to dump stuff that we intend to deal with later. Often it ends up on the kitchen counter, dining room table or in the lounge as it’s where we go when we first get home. Sometimes we’re aware of why we do it. It’s because we’re in a rush. Other times we’re. Read more

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Many things get in the way of being able to declutter effectively. One reason is decision paralysis.  You may observe it in other areas of your life as well. So what’s decision paralysis?  It’s the inability to make a decision.  When decluttering or organising, it’s often due to overwhelm, stress or tiredness.  For some, this feeling’s there from the get go.. Read more

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Couldn’t find your head if it wasn’t attached to your body? Then you might need to set up some systems at home to support you in finding things and getting stuff done. Having zones in your home for things like our mail, bags and things leaving the home can save you from stress.  You’ll be. Read more


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