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Oh my god! Kid’s clothing organisation can be hectic. Unlike adults, kids have multiple sizes to keep track of. From size 00000 to size 12 or there abouts… there’s lots to keep and store. Don’t fret, its not too hard. Step 1. Sort clothes into size piles. That is, all size 0’s, all size 1’s,. Read more

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Image inspired by Arj Barker’s joke – “Put a filing cabinet in your toilet and sort your shit out.” Well.  There are many ways to go about this, but honestly, you need to decide if it’s for you.  Some people are just not made for a paperless system.  You may also choose to go partly paperless. . Read more

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Here are the top ten tips from the book ‘The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo. These are the main tips I thought were interesting or useful. If you want to check out my book review, you can read it here. 1. Store items vertically Kondo recommends storing everything vertically. Books, clothes,. Read more

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So you’re avoiding something on your to do list? Maybe it’s making a call to someone to tell them how you feel? Maybe it’s decluttering the junk room… Whatever it is, it’s time to face it and get it underway today. Often we write things on our To Do List, and then go about avoiding. Read more


Virginia offered strategic, thoughtful advice & was unobtrusive & sensitive to the emotion that was being dredged up by the stuff we were working through. Her services were an excellent investment on solving a problem that has been hanging over my head for several years. I was looking for someone to accompany me & “coach” me through getting rid of superfluous & redundant physical clutter that was having a psychological effect on my mental clarity.

Donella Johnston, Ngunnawal, ACT