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Posted by Virginia Wells -

Open your inbox and feel like you’re going to have a heart attack? Got thousands of emails to get through? There’s no real point holding onto this stress. There are ways to make a dent in your email box quickly, leaving only have the important ones to focus on. Here are my tips to get through. Read more

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On the 31 December 2016 I was interviewed by Lish Feyer, ABC 666. Here is the podcast of that for you to listen to. (if it’s not loading for you, press ‘refresh’ and it should be playable). We briefly cover: A few ideas on how to start organising for your 2016. Tackling a Junk Drawer.. Read more

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With all the different activities we do nowadays, we can struggle to keep our house organised.  If you set aside five minutes a day, you’ll see some changes in your home and maintain order. Here are a few five minute tasks to get you on your way. Option 1 – Designated Basket Dedicate a basket in your home. Read more

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Have you noticed that all of us are on the search for everlasting happiness?  I wanted to write about this from the perspective of decluttering and organising.  How I’ve observed it in my job with my clients and for myself. Identifying Feeling States When organising a space, it’s important to identify what you want from. Read more

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Spring has sprung and we have many things in our gardens to take care of. Fertilising, pruning, planting the list goes on. To enjoy your time in the garden over the sunnier months, you’ll need to get your gardening shed sorted. Organising it will stop the faffing about you’ve done in the past to find that tool you. Read more


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