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It’s time to live the life you always wanted. I can help you get decluttered, organised, and create a calm space that lets you breathe, relax, and dream.


Supporting you on your journey from overwhelmed to organised

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your stuff? Does it get in the way of living your ideal life?
  • Are you unable to use your home or office because it’s become a dumping ground?
  • Ready to stop buying items you already have (but can’t find) and wasting money on late fees or unused gift certificates and vouchers?
  • Are you too busy to declutter, or just want to do something you love instead?

If you’re ready to get support with decluttering, you’ve come to the right place.


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I had feelings of being overwhelmed with stuff and not knowing where to start. Now, working with Virginia, slowly but steadily, it has been quite empowering! Your tips are great and when I complete my homework it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I keep telling everyone how great our sessions are and how I love my kitchen so much I could sleep in it…
Since working with Virginia, it’s easier to do things and the space feels calm. Cleaning up is easy as there are clear surfaces and proper places for things. Best of all, areas stay clean – no more mail dumped on the table, as I have a proper system in place now for paperwork.
I want to thank you for all your suggestions during our consult about how to use our spaces. I’ve been slowly working on the spare room and whilst there is still some more stuff to sort out, we’ve implemented a lot of your suggested changes and it’s made a really big difference. And all for nix. Amazing! I feel so good about those spaces now. So thank you!
Anne RieszCanberra
Organisation is a must in everyone’s life and having someone help me through it together was wonderful and less of a burden.
Virginia provided a professional, comprehensive and reliable service that assisted to get back control of my personal life. I very soon developed a solid trust in her and her ability. Nothing is ever too hard and tasks were always completed on time and as discussed. I can’t speak highly enough of WellSorted!
Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O’ConnorACT
After working with Virginia, my newfound organisation has meant I get to be there for my daughter’s important events, like school assemblies. I have it all marked out in advance. Lots less panic and much more fun at home now. I’m really enjoying it. The pressure of clutter wasn’t obvious until it disappeared.
90% of the decluttering was done with Virginia and I did the rest by myself. Being coached through the psychology of decluttering by Virginia gave me the confidence to work out quickly what I wanted to keep and what I didn’t. I’m very grateful to have stumbled across WellSorted and have recommended Virginia to a number of my friends and colleagues already.
Donella JohnstonNgunnawal, ACT
It’s a great feeling to walk into a tidy home knowing where everything is and that drawers and cupboards are not stuffed to overflowing. I now feel I can invite people over and not feel embarrassed or stressed. I will be calling on Virginia to assist me with decluttering even more!
If I’m honest I could not have done so myself in that amount of time and with that amount of creativity. Virginia is my magic pixie fairy that I can call upon a couple of times a year to wave her magic wand.
This kind of peace is utterly priceless and I am determined to never fall behind again so I will continue to hire Virginia to handle my business and personal sorting.
Smita PatelBraddon, ACT
After years of battling with depression, struggling to keep on top of things I knew I needed help decluttering. Family have ‘helped’ in the past but their approach was judgemental and ruthless. Virginia was the right lady for the job, her approach is gentle, and she understands the mental health issues behind my mess. She’s honest, open and approachable and I feel completely safe in her hands.
CorinneTuggeranong, ACT
Virginia has a lovely nature and is a non-judgmental, accepting, gentle and calm presence as you work together to sort through the clutter that is a burden and forever on your to-do-list.
I love delving into the WellSorted information, finding Virginia’s posts and website of great value at this particular point of my life. Her ideas on de-cluttering are not only very helpful & insightful, but delivered in a fun manner, helping me approach my tasks more proactively. Virginia is easy to approach with questions, and her responses are always friendly. She is a great person who believes in her clients and shows appreciation of their situation in all her dealings with them.
KarenWellSorted Facebook Group Member
I love the WellSorted group. I feel like I am with my kindred spirits, people who understand that getting your house organised is not always that simple. It’s a place to share ideas, challenges and the wins, no matter how small. Virginia does a great job of being supportive and engages with all the members, sharing helpful suggestions and cheering us on along the way.
KellyWellSorted Facebook Group Member


I’m Virginia Wells, WellSorted’s founder and one of Canberra’s most experienced professional organisers.

As an accredited professional organiser with a Psych background, I’m here to support you on your journey from overwhelmed to organised.

Together, we’ll find more space in your home – and we’ll do it on your terms so that you always feel safe, calm, and in control . Whether you want to sort out a wardrobe, a pantry, a single room, or the entire house, I’ll help you get clarity and freedom around the things in your life.

Ready to feel on top of things again?


What is it like to work with WellSorted?

Wondering what it’s like to work with Virginia? In this video she answers a few common questions like:

  • What does a session with Virginia look like?
  • What process does she follow?
  • Will Virginia make me throw out my precious things?
  • How can I find out more about working with WellSorted?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10sDf39iEAkSick of an overstuffed wardrobe?
Download the Wardrobe Worthy Flowchart
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Sick of an overstuffed wardrobe? Download the Wardrobe Worthy Flowchart to get that closet under control!