It’s difficult to face your clutter, your mess. Sometimes it’s just easier to ignore it. Work, family, relationships, life, you’re busy trying to juggle everything and just don’t have the time, inclination or know-how to organise your ‘stuff’.

Or maybe you feel embarrassed you’ve let it get to this stage? Maybe there’s lots of memories in all your possessions packed away. It’s hard to let go. But where do you start?

You may not like structure and order. But now it’s out of control. Opening the ‘junk room’ door brings a flood of stress and anxiety. Perhaps you find yourself wasting time looking for things… or you can’t keep up with the never-ending list of things to do.  You’re overwhelmed and your home and workspace no longer reflects you and where you want to be.

This clutter is holding you back, getting in the way of your life and your dreams.

I understand. We all have ‘stuff’ and whilst we juggle life and strive for that elusive balance we accumulate mess along the way. Having the time or passion to organise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

That’s where I come in. Are you ready to feel free? Together we’ll let go of the overwhelm from clutter and excess in your life. Reclaim your space, with gentle steps.

You’ll learn how to let go of stuff that no longer serves you. Build skills to keep you on track.

Breathe a sigh of relief. Get room to think and grow again. 

Click through to the area you’re needing the most help with below for more details on how I can assist you.

Helping you in your home with:


  • General decluttering & reorganising, from one cupboard to an entire house
  • Assisting in diary & time management keeping your house running smoothly
  • Downsizing & preparation to move house
  • Filing & paperwork

Helping you in your business with:


  • General office organisation & decluttering.
  • Filing & paperwork management
  • Creating & streamlining business processes & systems
  • Getting on top of your ‘To Do’ list.

WellSorted holds a Working with Vulnerable People’s Card, Membership with AAPO and ICD.  We also hold all relevant insurances.