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Decluttering - How to Get Started And Getting Others On Board

ABC Radio Canberra on 21 January 2024 with Kate Midena

Kate and I covered:

  • How to get started when decluttering
  • How to get others in the household on board the decluttering train
  • The difficulties that some might face when letting things go
Listen to it here…

Decluttering - How To Get Started And How Long Will It Take?

ABC Radio Central West on 9 May 2019 with Kristy Reading

Kristy and I covered:

  • How do you know you need help decluttering, other than having piles of stuff everywhere?
  • What are the benefits of decluttering?
  • What categories do I sort things into?
  • How do I help clients get started on the decluttering journey?
  • How much time should I dedicate to organising my home?
Listen by pressing play below. The interview starts at 1:33 minutes, so skip to there if you don’t want to listen to the song.

Decluttering - How to Get Started

ABC Radio Canberra on 31 December 2015 with Lish Fejer

Lish and I covered:

  • A few ideas on how to start organising for your 2016.
  • Tackling a Junk Drawer.
  • Confessions of my nursery room mess.
  • Hoarding vs clutter.
  • Sentimental Items, memories and what to do with them.
  • Boxes of stuff, where to start?
  • Being conscious of how much time you can handle decluttering.
Listen to it here…

Decluttering - Hard to Get Rid of Items

ABC Radio Canberra in 12 October 2014 with Lish Fejer

My first radio slot below was very nerve racking but I got through the interview with the very lovely Lish and hopefully imparted a few tips to you all. I sound different to how I thought I’d sound, at least my nerves didn’t come across too much (that is, I was able to form sentences and partly get across what I would have liked. You’ll might get a chuckle out of the moment I forget the question because of my cluttered mind ;)

This was recorded by my sister-in-law with her daughter in the background sounding cute, but you can hear the broadcast clearly enough. If I track down an official copy, I’ll be sure to post it up for you all.

The discussion is mainly on clutter in your home and those sentimental items that are hard to get rid of. The last few minutes are on my 3 tips to get started.

Listen to it here…

Live Interviews

Organising Your Space as Self-Care

With Erica Webb, counsellor and mindful movement coach

On this episode of the SelfKind with Erica Webb podcast, we talk about how organising can be a form of self-care.

Strategies For An Organized Stress-free Renovations

With Bernadette Jansen of  The School of Renovating.

Bernadette and I spoke on her She Renovates podcast the importance of a project plan, setting clear priorities, and being mindful of the time and energy required to complete a renovation project.

Declutter Your Life

I joined Nadine on her podcast Life, Health and the Universe to chat about clutter and life. Take a listen. 

Life & Style

With Fiona Keary of Style Liberation

In this series, Fiona talks with women from her Style Liberation community about their style adventures and they, in turn, share their expertise about stuff that matters to us as women 35+. Watch my conversation with Fiona on YouTube here.

Living a Meaningful Life

With Deanne Brennan of Think Out Loud

Dee and I discuss the strategies I have in place to look after me and create the meaningful life I love. Listen on Facebook here.

Sorting the Inner and Outer Clutter

With Francinne O’Rourke, Mindset Coach

Francinne and I discuss all things decluttering and the mindset factors involved. Listen on Facebook here.

Getting Ready for Tax Time

With Sarah Cooper of Canberry’s Real Estate

Sarah and I discuss tips for getting your paperwork ready for tax time. Listen on Facebook here.

Online Articles

Garage Sale Trail Series

Her Canberra, an online Canberra magazine, published a series of articles in 2014 about garage sales and clutter busting to promote the fantastic initiative, the Garage Sale Trail. As I am the ACT Declutter Expert for the Garage Sale Trail, they interviewed me and my tips are throughout the articles.

Part one focuses on clutter and how to get started.

The second article focuses on how to get the family involved in decluttering.

The third article focuses around setting up your sale and how to tackle a Garage Sale Trail shopping spree too.

Other Appearances


Angela Counsel’s embrace Health & Lifestyle program

Speaking with members of the program about decluttering their space, and taking a Q&A session

19 March 2021

Presentation on organising and the NDIS.

19 March 2021

ABC Radio Canberra

Chat with Georgia Stynes about downsizing and Swedish death cleaning.

10 July 2020

The Temple of Intuition Facebook Group with Suzy Cherub

Facebook Live within private Facebook group about how decluttering is a great way to clear the mind and your space to open you up to other important things in your life.

9 July 2020

Authentic Priestess Circle Facebook Group with Rozália Brien

Facebook Live within private Facebook group about the benefits to decluttering your home, and how it affects our mood.

September 2019

ABC Radio Canberra

Discussion on decluttering and spring cleaning.

August 2019

ABC Radio Canberra

Discussion on the Uplift Project – what it is, and why donating your bras is helpful.

27-28 July 2019

Ultimate Women’s Weekend, Canberra

Headlining presenter over the two days.


The Art of Decluttering Podcast – Simplified Living Expo

Amy and Kirsty had a stand at the Simplified Living and Lifestyle Expo in Sydney in September 2018 and interviewed people for a podcast episode. I was one of them.

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