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It’s common to think that decluttering is just a physical process of removing unwanted and unused possessions from your home. Those that work with me know there’s much more to it than that. There’s stuff in our mind and emotional body that needs to be let go of too. During sessions with clients, I say. Read more

Virginia Wells Pregnant and decluttering

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When decluttering, something that’s worth considering is if you will declutter by category (like all books at once, then clothes and so on)… or tackle it room by room. Everyone has an opinion on this including Marie Kondo – Author of The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up.  She believes that you should tidy by. Read more

Organized toy room

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When you have kids, toys can become a massive issue. So. Many. Toys. To. Contend. With! Where do you put them? How do you store them? This blog will give you a few ideas. 1. Sort them into ‘like items’ and cull This will differ for different age groups but some examples are: gross motor. Read more

marie kondo folding

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A lot of my clients ask me “how do I store the clothes that are currently too small for me?” Or “What do I do with the clothes too big for me?”   I’m sure you’d guess that first off I’d say – get rid of them. Yes, that’s where I start, however, sometimes it. Read more

WellSorted, school papers, decluttered, find things

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Sometimes we can be discouraged from doing our filing as we don’t know what we should keep. When it comes to the must keep documents, it’s almost the same rules for everyone. For the rest of our paperwork though, it really is an individual decision. Deciding what to keep can be tough and is a. Read more


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