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Tips To Declutter Your Mind

It’s common to think that decluttering is just a physical process of removing unwanted and unused possessions from your home. Those that work with me know there’s much more to it than that. There’s stuff in our mind and emotional body that needs to be let go of too. During

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Should I Declutter By Category Or Room By Room?

When decluttering, something that’s worth considering is if you will declutter by category or room by room. By category means sorting all books at once, then clothes and so on. Or you can tackle the house room by room. Everyone has an opinion on which method is better, including Marie

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Organized toy room

Four Easy Steps To Organising Your Kids Toys

As a parent with young kids at home, organising your kids’ toys can become a massive issue. So. Many. Toys. To. Contend. With! Where do you put them? How do you store them? This blog will give you a few ideas. Four Steps to Organise Your Kids Toys 1. Sort

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What Paperwork Should I Keep When I Do My Filing?

Sometimes we can be discouraged from doing our filing as we don’t know what we should keep. When it comes to the must keep documents, it’s almost the same rules for everyone. For the rest of our paperwork though, it really is an individual decision. Deciding what to keep can

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