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Posted by Virginia Wells -

When I attended the July 2015 Australasian Association of Professional Organisers Conference (AAPO) I heard from Keynote Speaker from Austin Texas, Barry Izsak.  He’s a Senior Move Manager and Organiser of 20+ years for his company ‘Arranging It All’.  He spoke to us about 20 Secrets to Success as a Professional Organiser.  I found a. Read more

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Posted by Virginia Wells -

My clients often ask me “how do I get started in managing my time better?” My response is often “take baby steps”.  Starting small, and working your way up from there is all you need to do.  How does that look though? Whilst working with a client, over several sessions, we would discuss what things. Read more

WellSorted can help you alleviate the chaos in your kitchen with simple tips

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Our kitchens are often the hub of our house.  Everyone congregates here when they get home, and therefore a lot of things make their way onto our kitchen benches. It can also be a source of stress due to meal preparation and cleaning demands. All of this can mean we avoid having people over and. Read more

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In my blog post How To Conquer ‘To Do’ List Failure, I mentioned that I often give myself a hard time about not achieving everything on my To Do List. Something I’ve done in the past is writing a Done List.  I needed a reality check of what I did do in a day, week, month and year.. Read more

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Posted by Virginia Wells -

I’m a To Do List writer, as some of you may be. I rely on my list to keep me on track. But I find myself putting too many things on my list of things to do.  I often then feel disappointed when I don’t do it all. Sound familiar? I know some of you. Read more


Virginia provided a professional, comprehensive and reliable service that assisted to get back control of my personal life. I very soon developed a solid trust in her and her ability. Nothing is ever too hard and tasks were always completed on time and as discussed. I cant speak highly enough of WellSorted!

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