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How To Keep Your Inbox Under Control

Last post I wrote about on 4 ideas to get though your inbox. It’s not enough to just clear it out. Once your inbox is a manageable size, it’s important to have maintenance steps to keep it that way. Believe me, with practise you’ll be a pro and you’ll feel on

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getting your emails sorted, WellSorted, Tracy Lee Photography, no more dread

Four Ideas To Get Through Your Dreaded Inbox

Open your inbox and feel like you’re going to have a heart attack? Got thousands of emails to get through? There’s no real point holding onto this stress. There are ways to make a dent in your email box quickly, leaving only have the important ones to focus on. Here are

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4 Ways to Organise Your Home in 5 Minutes a Day

With all the different activities we do nowadays, we can struggle to keep our house organised.  If you set aside five minutes a day, you’ll see some changes in your home and maintain order. Here are a few five minute tasks to get you on your way.   Option 1 – Designated Basket

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The Hunt For Everlasting Happiness Can Start in Your Home

Have you noticed that all of us are on the search for everlasting happiness?  I wanted to write about this from the perspective of decluttering and organising.  How I’ve observed it in my job with my clients and for myself. Identifying Feeling States When organising a space, it’s important to

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