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Practices to Support your Start to the Day 

Mornings can often feel rushed and chaotic, leaving us feeling stressed and frazzled before the day has even begun. Do you have any practices to support your start to the Day? 

Creating stations within your house can be a useful way to support your morning activities, helping you get ready quicker and with less hassle. Here I have created some ideas of some stations that you can create that I use within my home. 

Bag Station

Establish a designated area for all the bags that come and go from the house each day or week. This can include your work bag, gym bag, and any other activity-specific bags for yourself, your kids or your partner. It may also include things such as hats, gloves, sunglasses. Basically, the sorts of things that you use on a day-to-day basis. 

Breakfast Station

Depending on what you or family eat, you might wish to create a breakfast station tailored to your morning routine. Most of us are habitual and will eat almost the same thing every day. Whether you’re a toast person or a smoothie enthusiast, you can gather all the necessary items together in the one spot using a basket, tray, or fridge organiser. 

Getting Ready Station

In some households, hair or makeup can sometimes be done in an area that isn’t obvious (like the bathroom or in a bedroom). Instead, it’s done in the dining room or elsewhere. Embrace this, and create a home for hair accessories, and a brush, in the area you do your or your children’s hair. This station could include essential items like brushes, headbands, and any other accessories you commonly use. By having everything in one place, you’re not scrambling through the house for a hairbrush and things are always found in the same location (rather than the mad scramble checking all ‘likely’ homes for the brush each morning!).  

Streamline Your Morning Elements

Take a closer look at your morning routine and identify areas where there are repeated actions and elements that hold the potential to be streamlined or simplified. For example, if choosing a coffee mug takes too long, declutter your mug collection and keep only the ones you use regularly. With your clothing, if you can’t find a matching pair of shoes, make things easier by organising your shoe collection or plan your outfits the night before to save time.  

So, where you can streamline, streamline. Otherwise, you might find that there’s little bits and pieces you can put together and create a station or a home for these items to make it easy to access. 

Finding small ways to optimise each step in your daily actions can make a significant difference in the overall efficiency of your morning routine. 

Have you found ways to streamline your morning activities and getting out the door? Head over to the WellSorted Facebook Group and share your findings with our members! 

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