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How Done Lists Can Take the Pressure Off

Do you have a ‘done list’? In my blog post How To Conquer ‘To Do’ List Failure, I mentioned that I often give myself a hard time about not achieving everything on my To-Do list. Something I’ve done in the past is to write a ‘Done List’.

What is a ‘Done List’?

A ‘Done List’ sets out all the things I did achieve. When I give myself a hard time, feeling that I haven’t achieved what I wanted to achieve, I need a reality check of what I did do in that day, week, month and year. No action is too small to be included!

I write down each task that I finished, even if it was as small as putting the dishes away or researching something online. This allows me to look back over everything I have achieved.

What are the Benefits?

The ‘Done List’ helps quieten that voice that is always nagging me to do better. It tells the voice, “Shut up, I’ve done heaps!” Granted, that voice does talk back saying, “:You should have done more!”… but hey, baby steps…

It also makes me aware of tasks that I just do every day, but don’t account for in my day’s planning. This in itself helps me set realistic lists and timeframes for the future.

I’ve found that reflecting on completed tasks has helped me be more grateful. It’s connected me to my accomplishments, strengths and persistence. Celebrating the small things has got me a long way. Those small wins count and should be something to be proud of. Cutting yourself some slack can remove that guilt and overwhelm that often comes with a ‘To Do List‘.

So if ‘To Do Lists’ frighten you, forget it. Start with a ‘done list’, and build some confidence within yourself about all that stuff you do, do!

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