Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Client Agreement

Agreement between Virginia Wells, EFT practitioner, and Client

  • I, the client, understand and agree to the following:
  • Virginia Wells is not a licensed health care provider, therapist, or psychologist. Although she has a degree in psychology, she is NOT a registered psychologist or counsellor.
  • The services Virginia provides in EFT are a peer-to-peer educational stress relief technique only. It is NOT psychotherapy.
  • As the client, I take full responsibility for my own well-being and mental health whilst working with Virginia Wells. This may include getting approval from my psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor or health care professionals before commencing EFT sessions, or changing any medications or other treatments I may be undergoing.
  • Virginia Wells is not diagnosing medical conditions or providing medical advice. I will consult with my medical professional(s) before commencing EFT sessions. The techniques and information provided in sessions are suggestions and guidelines only and are based on the information I provide.
  • EFT is not intended to supersede or replace medical or professional information or advice from my doctor or health professional. If any pain, injury or illness exists or presents itself at any time, I will seek medical advice immediately.
  • If I have a history of epilepsy or psychotic episodes, I understand that I should only do EFT while under direct supervision of a doctor or therapist.


Sessions held with Virginia Wells are fully confidential. There are a few scenarios, however, where confidentiality is unable to be upheld due to law. Virginia Wells is required to report the following to the appropriate authorities or organisations:
  • If you disclose that you are going to attempt suicide, or if you are going to harm another person.
  • If you disclose that there is ongoing domestic violence, abuse or neglect to others by your hand.
  • If a court order is issued to Virginia Wells or WellSorted Professional Organiser.

Appointments, Payments and Cancellations

  • I understand that full payment is requested the day of the session unless other arrangements have been made.
  • I understand that if I miss a scheduled session without 24 hours notice, I may be liable to pay the full session fee, or if I have paid for a package in advance, I may forfeit that session.
  • I understand that if Virginia Wells needs to cancel any sessions, that I am able to reschedule at Virginia’s earliest availability, at a time that also suits me.
  • I understand that it is important for me to respect the agreed to session times and that Virginia Wells, will do the same. If I am late for my session, the session time will not be extended by the amount of time I am late.
  • I understand that if Virginia Wells is late for my session, the session time will be extended accordingly or the extra time will be added to a future session by prior arrangement if Virginia Wells or I do not have time to extend the session she was late for.
  • I understand that Virginia Wells will not be liable for sessions that must be postponed or delayed for technical reasons beyond my control, such as Internet failure but that after three instances of session delay or cancellation due to issues with Internet, I will accept phone sessions at Virginia’s expense in place of Skype/Facetime/Zoom web video sessions until I can sort out my technical issues.
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