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Virginia Wells

Virginia Wells

Home Zones To Support Your Busy Lifestyle

Couldn’t find your head if it wasn’t attached to your body? Then you might need to set up some systems at home to support you in finding things and getting stuff done.

Having zones in your home for things like our mail, bags and things leaving the home can save you from stress.  You’ll be able to find what you want when you need it.

Three zones you could set up in your home to save your sanity are:

A Bag Station.

This is the place for all things that come in the front door eg: your wallet, handbag, keys and mobile phone.  Dedicate a space for you (and your family) so you know where to find it.

This might be a bag station. It could store school bags or bags for different activities you do (like a bag for the gym, dancing, volunteering, rock climbing, music… whatever).  A ‘bag station’ is the place to store these bags and related items until your next session.  The station might include a timetable on the wall to keep everyone on track.

The Transition Station

This place is dedicated to all items leaving the house.  Give away items, things to return to family and friends, library books and so on.  You’ll always know where to look for that ‘thing’ that you had to return. I refer to it as the Transition Station, as it’s things transitioning from your home to somewhere else.

This is often handy to have by your front door, and might be included in your bag station set up.  Visitors will learn this is where they look for their Tupperware container or book they lent you.  Having it near the bag station means you can put mums casserole dish in your bag on the way out to her house. The Transition Station is also commonly found near where your car is (or in the car for those who have ample space).

The Paperwork Action Station

This is where you store paperwork in a common area (rather than the office) to keep you all on track.  Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves and admit that we deal with the mail or the kid’s permission slips in the kitchen. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about general filing paperwork here. Just the actionable stuff. Things that have an action associated with it. You can set up a station to deal with all of this ‘actionable’ paperwork by following the tips on this blog.

If this is you, setting up a mini paperwork station might save you some grief.  This will look different for each home. It might include an ‘in tray’, filing rack, a few essential stationery items, and a folder with your most used documents inside.

With these three zones set up you should feel more in control. You’ll know your stuff has a home, even those transient items. An added bonus, the “Honey, have you seen my….?” questions will minimise.

What’s a ‘zone’ you’ve set up that you couldn’t live without?

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