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10 Tips Away From an Organised Kitchen

Does not having an organised kitchen get in the way of caring for yourself and your family?

Keeping your kitchen organised can be a tough job. Sometimes it gets in the way of you cooking up a storm.

Here are a few ideas to whip your kitchen into shape.

Tips for An Organised Kitchen

1. Containers

Invest in decent containers. Using Tupperware TM in the pantry will make food last longer, create more space and stack better. It also makes it much easier to see what you have.

2. Tiered Shelving

Try tiered shelving in your pantry for cans and jars. It allows you to see what you have without the shuffling. These shelves are available at good department stores or storage shops.  Howards Storage World and Ikea often stock them. Make sure you stock newer items at the back so you use up the old first.

Tiered kitchen shelf
The white shelf elevates the items behind so you can see them

3. Group Like Items

Group “like” items together.  This goes for anything. Tins, cereals, plates, baking ware… It can also apply to the style of cooking you do. So if you do a lot of cupcake or sushi making, you could group all the things you use, to make it, together.  Make sure you label it for an easy find.

4. Cull Your Bags

Cull your shopping bag stash – you have too many. See Are You Drowning in in Plastic Bags for more tips.

5. Empty the Utensil Drawer

Empty the utensil drawer. Put back the things you’ve used this month. Group remaining items. Cull what you know you won’t use. Is there anything that can be grouped together, like cookie cutters? Bag them up or put them in a container and get them out of the drawer. Box the rest up and place it in your laundry. If you don’t use anything from it in a month – donate it.

6. Clean Stains

Use bicarb soda or salt to clean stained china, pots or plates. Simply pour some onto the stained area, wet it slightly and rub into the surface.

7. Utilise Upright Storage

Pot lids, cutting boards or baking trays taking up lots of space? Try drilling a metal bookend into your shelf to stack them upright and hold them in place or repurpose a filing stand.

8. Use Plastic Hooks

Use plastic hooks from the supermarket to hang tea towels, scrubbing brushes and oven mitts.

9. Turn Spoons Around

Too many spoons for the cutlery tray? Turn the dessert spoons upside down and store in same slot as the soup spoons.  You can put chop sticks under your forks too.

10. Use a Lazy Susan

Use a Lazy Susan in the fridge for your condiments.  You can also use them in pantries for sauces, or whatever you like.

Doing just one of these may make your kitchen experience pleasant instead of stressful. Why not choose one now and set it up. Better still set yourself up for a challenge a day until your kitchen is back in order. For more tips see 7 Hacks on Organising a Pantry.

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