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Quick Wins to Declutter

This month I’d like to help you with some quick wins to declutter. I know how hard it can be to jump into decluttering and I hope these achievable suggestions will help. So, how can you get started decluttering? It can be tough to find the motivation to get going. It can be hard to see progress when you’re short on time. If it’s motivation you’re lacking, check out my blog on motivation. If you’re just light on time, these tips might get you some quick wins and get you one step closer to organised!

Use little pockets of time

One way to get uncluttered is to use the small pockets of time you might have. It might be when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, you can go through a drawer in the kitchen or look over your mugs to see if any of them can be donated. You’re not aiming to have the whole task complete. You’re just making a change to your space. It might end up that you remove three things you no longer want, or it’s just better organised. It is small but it is a win!

Another pocket of time could be that spare five minutes before you have to pick up the kids or go to that appointment. It’s an opportunity for a mini decluttering session. You could look through the keys you have and get rid of those not used. Or decide if that stack of magazines are to be kept. You could have a list of five-minute jobs, or just take one step on a bigger task. For instance, if you’ve wanted to go through all of your books, spend your five minutes working through the top shelf until it’s time to go.

Start with a simple task 

Another way to get started could be to choose a really easy activity – something that you don’t mind doing too much, something that’s not overwhelming. It may not even be decluttering or organising related. It might just be stacking the dishwasher. Once you get started with the dishwasher (and you have in mind the next task you’ll tackle) usually the momentum of the dishwasher activity means you’ll do the next task.

Tackle the hard thing first 

Sometimes our inertia or procrastination is due to all the fears we have about a task. In that case, sometimes our lack of action can be thwarted by tackling it head-on. Make it the first thing you’re going to do. Get the adrenalin pumping and tackle that challenging call and then phew, the relief of getting it out of the way leaves space and confidence to do the other things on your list. Just remember, if it’s a really big task, you don’t have to do the whole thing. You just need to take one step closer to getting it done. Progress is progress.

Surface clutter clean 

Sometimes we can be encouraged to do a decluttering task when we can see progress so why not start with a quick surface clutter clean? You can do this by grabbing a washing basket or box, choose a room and fill the basket with anything that doesn’t belong in that room. Once the basket is full, bring the items to their homes around the house. Sometimes seeing the clear floor in the lounge room can be enough encouragement to move on to your next decluttering task.

Which quick wins to declutter will you choose? Pick one and share your experience in the WellSorted Facebook group. Let’s celebrate each other’s small but positive progress.

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