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Posted by Virginia Wells -

All of us have a junk drawer, cupboard or room in the house.  You know, that place where you throw something in and quickly close the door before it all falls out on you? Or that place that you’re too ashamed to show anyone because you think it’s atrocious…

Well, here are a few quick tips to help you tackle that space and finally get it under control.

1. Set yourself a time limit.

When you’ve decluttered in the past, how long before you zoned out? 1 hour, 30 minutes, 5 minutes?  Be aware of that timeframe and work within that. 5 minutes is better than nothing!

2. Choose an area to start.

It doesn’t matter where you start really.  Start in the top left corner of a drawer, or if you tackling a room, choose the table top or a section of the floor.

3. Set reasonable expectations.

If you can only handle 1 hour before your eyes glaze over, than don’t commit yourself to a day of decluttering!  And if you only have 1 hour, don’t tell yourself you can declutter the junk room in that time.  Be realistic about what can be achieved.

4. Commit to the chosen area/space.

If you’ve chosen to complete one drawer, stay with it. Don’t let yourself get distracted by bringing the scissors back to the kitchen, where you then start washing the dishes.  Stay where you are.  Make piles of things to keep, throw out, donate and move into another room.

5. Complete the declutter by dealing with the piles you created.

That is, take out the rubbish, bag up items for donation (to a charity, friend or relative). Find a home for the items that belong in that room and return items that belong somewhere else in the house back to the right spot.

6. Pat yourself on the back. 

If you worked through the area and achieved what you committed to then be proud of what you’ve done.

If you feel inspired to do more, follow the same steps again.

Happy sorting!

Struggling to get decluttered on your own? Lots of people do.  Call me to discuss your needs.

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