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Organising Your Wardrobe to Serve You!

After your wardrobe has been decluttered (my Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Declutter Your Wardrobe will help with this step), it’s important to organise your wardrobe in a way that serves you.  Everyone’s wardrobe is a different size, has different storage options and so on.  Regardless, it is important to be able to see what you have.  Try the tips below for the best ways to store and organise items for easy access in your wardrobe.

Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe

General storing tips

  • Use good quality hangers – ideally all the same type. Cedarwood hangers are recommended as they naturally protect against moths, support the fibres and therefore the shape of your clothes.
  • Hang as many items as you can. No cramming though – you need enough space to be able to see each item easily.
  • Fold and shelve clothes that will stretch, like delicates and woollens.
  • Don’t overfill draws and shelves. Fold items neatly and place in a way that allows you to view all items.
  • Group ‘like’ items together Eg:  Put all of your pants together.
  • Then colour code the ‘like’ items. All the black pants together, then navy, grey and so on.

This seasons clothes

  • Store items that you use often in easily accessible places (generally at eye level or in plain sight).
  • Items that are used less often can go on lower shelves/railings.
  • Items that are used on occasion are to go up high.

Out of season/sentimental items

  • Out of season items can go on the higher shelves, or under the bed if you have the space.
  • Use vacuum bags to save space. They’re great for out of season clothing or sentimental/archived pieces.
  • Move your sentimental items to your memorabilia box.

Shoe Storage

  • If you like to keep your shoes in their original box, photograph them and stick the photo onto the front of the box.
  • Replace your shoe boxes with clear ones so you can easily see each shoe.
  • Get shoes racks that sit inside the bottom of your wardrobe, hang inside your cupboard or over the back of a door.
  • Store your shoes in rolling draws under your bed.

Other items

  • Store odds and ends in a box and label it so it’s easily found (this could be scarves, belts, bags, swimwear…).
  • Consider specialty hangers for scarves, belts, bags and jewellery to save space and group items.

Hopefully you’ve found some useful tips to make finding things in your wardrobe easier.  Once your clothes are all in, review the space and consider if you need extra storage solutions to make it work better for you.  Make sure you measure the area you intend to place these storage solutions AND be sure the items you want to place in that spot will fit in your chosen storage…. otherwise you’ll have to find somewhere to store all your new storage containers that don’t work!

Quick declutter tips for before your next wardrobe overhaul

  • Be aware of how a piece of clothing makes you feel when you pull it out of the wardrobe to wear OR when you’re wearing it.  If it’s not making you feel great or comfy say goodbye to it today.
  • Hang all of your clothes with the pointy end of the hanger facing towards you.  When you wear it, turn the hanger around.  Whatever hasn’t been worn gets donated.

Happy wardrobe organising!

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