Jewellery Decluttering and Organising

Is it time for some jewellery organising? There’s a lot of different ways that we can store our jewellery. Some like to have little bowls or boxes, some like to have jewellery storage coat hanger style, and others have mirrored cupboards with jewellery storage inside. There’s no, one-size-fits-all solution in

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Fantastic floordrobes and how to avoid them

What is a floordrobe? A floordrobe is where we have clothes all over the floor instead of it being in the wardrobe. Floor and ‘drobe’ equals ‘Floordrobe’. Typical things that create a floordrobe are: Too Many Clothes No washing routine (or too spread out). Means you have lots of clothes

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How To Host Your Own Clothes Swap Party

Need some encouragement to cull your wardrobe? A great way to be ok with letting go of the clothes is to host a clothes swap party with your besties! A clothes swap party? I hear you ask. What’s that?  Well, in essence it’s a get together with friends. You invite

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Easy Steps To Organising Your Kid’s Clothing

Oh my god! Kid’s clothing organisation can be hectic. Unlike adults, kids have multiple sizes to keep track of. From size 00000 to size 12 or there abouts… there’s lots to keep and store. Don’t fret, its not too hard. Step 1. Sort clothes into size piles.   That is,

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