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101+ Clutter Free Gift Ideas

I encourage clutter free gift giving. You may have already read my two-part series called Amazing Cuttlerless Gifts. Why is it something I’m so vocal about?

Well, each year we spend so much money on gifts for others that will be barely used or that are unappreciated. Our ‘re-gifting’ stash grows and grows. A lot of us now are saying we don’t need (or want) gifts, yet they keep coming. It is true that many people enjoy giving gifts and, of course, it is nice to receive too. How do we then get around the consumerism conundrum and also give gifts that won’t fill up our loved ones’ homes? And perhaps suggest some clutter free gifts for ourselves? I’ve created this list to get you thinking.

101 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

Vouchers for experiences

There are vouchers and tickets you can buy for all manner of experiences, depending on what your friends and family are into.

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  1. ‘Escape’ or ‘Panic’ room
  2. Axe or plate throwing
  3. Flight simulator
  4. Go-Karting
  5. Mini-golf
  6. Ten-pin bowling
  7. Laser tag
  8. Gaming arcade
  9. Hot air ballooning
  10. Model train show
  11. Local water park
  12. Kids play centre


  1. Movie tickets
  2. Theatre tickets
  3. Ballet tickets
  4. Music festival tickets (Blues, Folk, Techno… what do they like)?
  5. Art gallery exhibition tickets
  6. Museum exhibition tickets
  7. Tickets to local attractions
  8. Tickets to expos that are touring (like a Lego Expo or similar)
  9. Comedy show tickets
  10. Sporting event tickets (soccer, rugby, baseball, netball – whatever they are into)

Classes & Workshops

  1. Barista class
  2. Cooking class
  3. Cake decorating class
  4. Jewellery making class
  5. Scrapbooking class
  6. Floral arranging class
  7. Painting class
  8. Ceramics class
  9. Photography class
  10. Terrarium making class
  11. Macrame class
  12. Quilting workshop
  13. Soap making workshop
  14. Coding or game development class
  15. Tennis lesson
  16. Music lesson
  17. Singing lesson
  18. Dance class
  19. Zumba class
  20. Swimming class
  21. Self defense class (or Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo classes)
  22. Foreign language class
  23. Decluttering session
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Indulgences & Self Care

  1. High Tea
  2. Favourite restaurant
  3. Favourite café
  4. Home-delivered meal service
  5. Massage
  6. Facial
  7. Manicure
  8. Pedicure
  9. Sound healing session
  10. Reiki
  11. BodyTalk
  12. Chakra balancing
  13. Crystal healing
  14. Float tank
  15. Salt cave
  16. Yoga
  17. Laughing circle session
  18. Psychic reading
  19. Tarot card reading
  20. Runes reading
  21. Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping Session

Subscriptions & Memberships

  1. Zoo subscription
  2. Gym membership
  3. Tennis membership
  4. Golf membership
  5. Local pool membership
  6. Chocolate subscription
  7. Coffee bean subscription
  8. Cheese Subscription
  9. Alcohol subscription (there are subscriptions for wine, gin, whiskey and more – just Google what they like and you’ll be surprised by what comes up)
  10. Food delivery service (such as Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon)
  11. Movie/TV streaming services (such as Netflix or Stan)
  12. Music and audiobook services (such as Audible and Spotify)
  13. Online art and craft platforms (such as Skillshare and CreativeBug)

Personally made experiences

You don’t have to buy something to create an amazing clutter free gift. You can make up a personalised experience based on something the recipient loves to do. Or gift the gift of time (who doesn’t want more of that?) These options can be free or extremely low cost too. Make it really special by making a lovely voucher explaining what the gift entails. Following is a list of ideas. Use these as a springboard for your own.

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  1. A fully catered picnic in their favourite location (or just somewhere nice)
  2. A day out at a museum or art gallery
  3. A day out at the zoo or local reptile/bird sanctuary
  4. An outing to the local pool with a picnic lunch
  5. A bushwalk with nibbles provided
  6. Lawn bowls or croquet outing with a picnic lunch
  7. An outing to local attractions that you think they’d like
  8. A coffee and cake outing to their favourite place
  9. A treasure hunt
  10. A second-hand bargain hunting trip with lunch


  1. Teach them a skill you’re good at that they’d enjoy (e.g. painting, sourdough making)
  2. A day playing their favourite games
  3. A movie night with snacks and full service
  4. A board games night with their friends


  1. Time from you to babysit
  2. Time from you to do some gardening or house cleaning
  3. Time from you to wash the car
  4. Time from you to walk their dog for a week
  5. Time from you to complete jobs around the house


  1. Bake something or create a baking ‘kit’ for them with the ingredients
  2. Make up a beautiful cheese and antipasto platter
  3. Host a morning tea, high tea or get together for them
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Bonus – Hamper Ideas

That is 101 ideas but I have a bonus for you. For a special clutter free gift that shows you’ve really thought about what the recipient would like, hampers are fabulous. Present them beautifully (and thematically) and they are thrilling to receive. Here are some hamper ideas you could put together based on the interests or favourite things of your loved one. These are just a few examples. Come up with your own thinking beyond food to experiences too. For example:

  • Wine or beer (or other drinks) – drinks of choice plus suitable nibblies
  • Local produce – cheeses, fruit, jams, sauces, crackers
  • Homemade goodies – cakes, biscuits, chutneys, soaps (what are you known for?)
  • Chocolates and/or lollies – all their favourites
  • Hot chocolate/tea/coffee – quality ingredients for their favourite hot beverage plus some lovely biscuits (homemade?), marshmallows or chocolates as appropriate
  • Home spa day pampering – bath salts, face mask, foot scrub, herbal tea, a delicious soup and sourdough lunch
  • Book lover – a book they’ll love, fancy tea bags and a delicious candle to burn while they read
  • Ice cream sundae – all the trimmings sans the ice cream e.g. sauces, nuts, sprinkles, fresh strawberries
  • Pancakes – make up a pancake mix with instructions plus maple syrup, fresh strawberries
  • Crafts (for kids or adults) – collect up things for a particular project (with instructions) or a general fun play kit
  • Gardener – an indoor plant, flower and vegetable seeds, plant makers, gardening gloves, sunscreen, hand scrub
  • Home chef – a selection of fancy ingredients, special spice mixes, a cookbook
  • Sustainable living – shampoo bar, reusable coffee cup, reusable produce bags, beeswax wraps
  • Music lover – a USB (or similar) with music on it (the modern day mix-tape?), concert tickets, biscuits in the shape of records
  • Spiritual wellbeing – crystals, incense, essential oils, guided meditation recording, herbal tea

These are just a handful of clutter free gift ideas to get your imagination flowing? What can you think of? Share your ideas in the WellSorted Facebook Group so we can all have a clutter free Christmas.

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