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Jewellery Organising Ideas

I’ve had a number of fabulous jewellery organising ideas and displays shared by WellSorted followers and clients. They are too good not to share so I’m devoting this blog post to them. I hope you find them helpful and inspirational for designing your own jewellery storage.

Pin Board

Image credit: Louise Raisin

Louise Raisin has created a ‘pin board’ for her jewellery collection. To create something like this yourself, cover a piece of corkboard with fabulous fabric. String some ribbon, braid or ric-rac across from side to side using tacks and use these to hang earrings. Use glass-headed pins to hang necklaces. Everything is easy to see and easy to access.

Segmented Box

Image credit: Catherine Karabin

Catherine Karabin uses a segmented box to keep her earrings organised. She has them sorted by colour and type. The boxes with moveable dividers are the best because you can make segments the right size for your pieces.


Image credit: Jane Tarrant

Jane Tarrant has used adhesive-backed hooks to create a hanging space for her jewellery. A chain strung between two hooks is used for earrings and necklaces are easy to locate on individual hooks.

Jewellery Stands

Image credit: Christine Carey Davidson

Christine Carey Davidson has created a fabulous display of her jewellery, as well as making it so easy to find the pieces she wants to wear, with stands and dishes of different types. If you have a fabulous statement piece, why not let it take centre stage in a gorgeous display?

Jewellery Cabinet

Image credit: Sue Searle

Sue Searle has repurposed an old shop display cabinet to house her jewellery collection. This is a designer piece in itself! If you have a larger wardrobe space, a jewellery cabinet created from an ‘upcycled’ cabinet might be just the thing to bring your jewellery out into the open.

Shop Dummy

Image credit: Sue Searle

Sue has also created a stunning display for her broach collection using a shop dummy dressed in a tuxedo. What a glamorous display!

Image credit: Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan has used a different type of shop dummy with lots of space for hanging all sorts of gorgeous jewellery pieces. This makes a fabulous display in the corner of her bedroom.

Wall Display

Image credit: Kim Williams

Another type of display is this one created by Kim Williams. Empty picture frames have hooks attached inside the top edge to hang necklaces. Different sized frames allow for necklaces of different lengths.


Image credit: Ingrid Sloan

Another example of stylish ‘upcycling’ to create a jewellery display. Ingrid Sloan created this display in a corner using an old suitcase.

Coat Hanger

Image credit: Jo Beaumont

Although this is a purpose-made hanger hung on a glamorous knob by Jo Beaumont, creating something similar with a wire coat hanger and a pair of pliers would be a fun DIY project.

Jewellery Case

Image credit: Eri Hiranuma

Eri Hiranuma found this clear jewellery case at Muji. It has slots that allow hanging both hook- and post-style earrings and the felt-covered rack at the bottom can be used for post earrings or rings. A fabulous jewellery organising solution for those with lots of earrings.

Repurposed Containers

Image credit: Meegan Pearce

Megan Pearce’s jewellery display uses a tree-shaped jewellery stand for ‘hook’ earrings and her fabulous post earring collection hangs on an empty candle jar. Stud earrings are kept together in another repurposed dish.

Jewellery Box

Image credit: Celia Perkins

Finishing with a classic – the jewellery box! Purpose-built for storing jewellery for easy access, you can’t go past a jewellery box with lots of segments and spaces for all your jewellery storage needs. Celia Perkins’ upright style one is tall enough to hang her long necklaces inside the doors.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by these jewellery organising ideas by our WellSorted community. Do you have a fabulous jewellery display? Share it with us in the WellSorted Facebook group.

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