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Can’t Get Rid of Stuff? What is it Promising You?

Do you find that you can’t get rid of certain stuff? It can be hard to get rid of things at the best of times, but what if it’s because of a few ‘promises’ that your stuff offers?

What do I mean by promises?

Well the best way to describe it is to give you examples.

Exercise Equipment

We all have an ab machine, weight bench, swiss ball or exercise elastics lying around unused. We can’t seem to let them go even though they’re just gathering dust.

What do they promise?

Good health, a perfect body, your ideal weight… This is what you imagine when you look at the ab machine. No matter that it’s actually making you angry because it’s clogging up your lounge room. The promise is never about what the thing literally does. The promise is what it could do for you. Let’s use a treadmill as an example. A treadmill is a machine that you walk or run on. Using the treadmill (along with a strict exercise and diet regime) could lead to good health and a healthier body shape. The treadmill does not sculpt Miranda Kerr’s supermodel body onto yours. It, sitting in your room unused, does not create health and fitness. It does not create the perfect body shape. You, and your effort, do. The promise is what your mind imagines will happen when you think about using it. Using the treadmill equals a supermodel figure.


Pretty books and pens promise being organised, or maybe time to dream. You know, time to reflect on the past and future, or planning your next holiday.  In reality, it’s a book and a pen, but it’s what you imagine doing with it that is making it difficult to let it go.

Unused Food in the Cupboard

Food might promise you social gatherings and friendships, good health, chef-like meals cooked by you, or a pampering session.


Clothes promise a stylish look, your dream body or an invitation to an unforgettable event.

I’m sure you’ve got the idea by now.

Once you become aware of the promises your stuff is giving you, it is much easier to let it go.  Better still, you might start to use it and see if those ‘promises’ can become a reality or if it’s just that, a promise. A dream.

So next time you’re looking to cull something, and finding it hard to get rid of stuff, ask yourself what is it promising you?

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