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“I can’t let it go, it cost too much!” Clutter

I’ve been doing a series of blog posts on the four types of clutter.  To recap they are Emotional Clutter, Sentimental Clutter, ‘Valuable’ Clutter and Memory Trigger Clutter.  This blog post I’ll talk about ‘Valuable’ clutter.

What is ‘valuable’ clutter?

It’s the stuff we hold onto because it cost us a fortune or we believe it’ll be worth something someday.  We don’t want it, or use it but it’s worth too much to part with.

What’s its value, really?

If you’ve identified something as ‘valuable’ but you don’t want it, that’s the first step. It then comes down to deciding what you value more in a situation.  For some, dollars and cents is the most valuable. So, to part with this stuff, you need to find the right buyer.

To others, something else is more valuable than the dollar value.  It might be that you want better health, more space, more time to spend on relationships or hobbies. The point being, the value of keeping something is greater than the price tag. Keeping it just because it cost $200 may cost you

  • Space in your home where you could be doing something you love.
  • Time with loved ones because your spending time cleaning, moving or avoiding that ‘valuable’ item.
  • Freedom of the hold it has on you.
  • Joy when you let it go and allow another door to open to you.

What do I do with my valuable items?

Now that you are aware there are other things you might value over the $$, it might make it easier to part with.

If dollars are still high on the list, try to sell it. Be reasonable though. Often the value of an item drops substantially. Google the item and see how much its selling for and price it appropriately. Do consider the time it takes to list for sale, and deal with the incoming enquiries. It can be more trouble than it’s worth sometimes.

If you’ve deemed the item not as valuable as the joy you’d get from turning the space it’s taking up into a craft room, then getting rid of it will be much easier. Who can you gift or donate it to instead?

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