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Clutter. It’s Perfect.

Perfect Clutter?

Clutter, it’s perfect?! I bet you didn’t imagine a professional organiser would say that! Hear me out.

When I talk to clients about how they feel about their house, they often say things like,

“I don’t know how it got like this. It’s depressing, embarrassing and I’m so ashamed I let it get this bad.  It’s so awful…”.

I’m sure this feels like it’s far from perfect.

Depression, illness, work, stress. An influx of kids or relatives into the home or the loss of a loved one…. These are all examples of what could have lead to your home being far from your ideal. There are many more. Whatever it is, it’s reflected in your physical environment.

One way we might feel in this scenario is angry at ourselves for not being on top of things. We might feel that there’s no hope for us and our situation will never change.

Where I Am Now Is Perfect

What if we turned these feelings on their head and used the visual cues and our emotional compass to point us in the right direction?

Where I am now, is where I am now, and where I am now is perfect.

Fiona Redding

What if you were to consider that the state of your home (and how you feel about it) is a signal for you?  It’s your home saying, something is out of balance. It’s pointing out where you don’t want to be.

It gives you clues about where you want your life to change. It promises opportunity and growth.

Your clutter is perfect in pointing you towards this growth.

The Law of Opposites/Polarity

If we dig into this a bit further, it’s about life presenting you with the opposite of what you want. The ‘crap’ helps us appreciate the other side.  For instance, without sadness, we don’t appreciate happiness.  Without hatred, we would not recognise peace for what it is.  Without imperfection, we don’t know perfection. And without clutter, we don’t know space.

So, the imperfect clutter in your home is your indicator that you want something else. Organisation and space.

It may give you the courage to get started in creating that space. The clutter is a marker of your success. You’ve achieved what you set out to when the room doesn’t feel cluttered anymore.

Your clutter is perfect. Hear it. Feel it. And work towards its opposite. Space.

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