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Three Tips to Stay Focused and Get Things Done

Ever feel like you just can’t focus on a task and get things done? You know, when you walk into a room to do ‘A’, and then find yourself doing ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘Z’ instead? You get to the end of your day and you wonder where your time went and why you never got ‘A’ done? I have some tips for you to keep focused.

1. Create Routines or Simplify Existing Ones

Set up daily or weekly routines. It may seem boring or restrictive but remember, if you follow your routines you can spend the rest of your time how you like. No more feeling annoyed at yourself for forgetting to do something. Plus plenty of time to do what you love. Can’t lose, can you?

Creating a routine is simple. When getting ready for work jot down the things you do to get ready. That’s your routine.  You mightn’t even realise you already have one.

If you already have routines, you might like to simplify them. There might be steps you can simplify so you can get through them quicker. Streamlining your routine can be as easy as getting rid of some mugs, making your morning coffee a no-brain activity. Or have fewer clothes in your wardrobe, to combat decision paralysis.

Worried you’ll forget your routine or how to do a particular task? Just write it down. Create a folder that houses all your processes at home (or work) then you can flick back to it when working through the task.

2. Make the Task Fun

If you need to get on top of organising or decluttering at home, why not put on your favourite motivating song? Declutter for that song. Then move on. If you’re motivated enough to stay focused, make a playlist so you can boogie on down while you work through a room.

3. Minimise Distractions

To increase focus to get things done, cut out any potential distractions before starting a task. Turn off your phone. Shut the door to your office. Hide email pop-ups.

If you find yourself forgetting what you’re doing, tell yourself out loud what you are going to achieve. Like, “I’m doing the dishes”.  You could also write yourself a note.  If you do get called away unexpectedly, take the note with you to remind yourself what you were doing before the interruption.

You might try these tips and still find yourself getting stuck. Maybe there’s something else going on for you. In this case, it can be helpful to get one-to-one help. Don’t let past experiences stop you from reaching out and finding a way to move you forward.

How do you focus and get things done? Share your tips and experience in the WellSorted Facebook Group.

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