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Overcome Your Inbox Overwhelm With These Simple Tips

Is your inbox out of control with emails that you want to keep? Do you struggle to find the email when you run a search? Then maybe it’s time you set up (or review) email folders and tags. To begin, when assessing your overflowing inbox ask yourself: Do you need to keep

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How To Get On Top Of Your (Actionable) Paperwork

Feature picture inspired by comedian Arj Barker – “Put a filing cabinet in your toilet and sort your shit out”.   To keep your paperwork in check, it can help to have an “action station” set up on your desk.  What’s an action station I hear you say? It’s a filing

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Reasons Why You Procrastinate And How To Avoid It

Got something on your To Do List to get done but you’ve successfully avoided it all week… month or year? Why do you avoid it? And how do you overcome procrastination? Here are a few different ways.   Emotions bubbling away Sometimes you’re avoiding it because there’s a bunch of

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Stuff You Keep as a Reminder… It’s Clutter

We’ve come to the end of the series of blog posts on the four types of clutter.  To recap they are Emotional Clutter, Sentimental Clutter, ‘Valuable’ Clutter and Memory Trigger Clutter.  This last post I’ll talk about Memory Trigger Clutter, or Reminder Clutter. What is Memory Trigger Clutter, or Reminder

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Three Tips to Stay Focused and Get Things Done

Ever feel like you just can’t focus on a task and get things done?  You know when you walk into a room to do ‘A’, and then find yourself doing ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘Z’ instead?  You get to the end of your day and you wonder where your time went

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