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Physical meditation, decluttering, WellSorted, organised, connecting with yourself, calming, choice

Posted by Virginia Wells -

I was lucky enough to be asked to write an article for the National Office for the Participation of Women this month.  You can see the original article here. I often feel cleansed when I’ve decluttered and feel, at least for me, that it is a form of meditation.  Have a read.  I’d love to. Read more

Lighten the load of your purse, organise, weightless, overstuffed, handbag

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My handbag has been driving me nuts.  I’m running from appointment to appointment. I’m throwing things in there…. I’m taking stuff out… It’s really time to get it sorted.  We’re known to carry everything but the kitchen sink in our handbags.  Common things found in bags are: purses stuffed with receipts, store cards and old. Read more

Roseline Deleu, Feng Shui, WellSorted, Decluttered, Balance

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I recently had the pleasure of having Feng Shui expert Rosline Deleu review my home. What is Feng Shui? “It’s the art of placement and arrangement of buildings, furniture and rooms in the most beneficial way to create maximum harmony and balance within one’s environment”. Roseline Deleu. I’m a bit of a fence sitter when. Read more

Refreshing your entryway, front door, outside, decluttering, openness, welcoming, free, homely

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I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to come home and feel immediately at ease.  Creating that ‘Aaaaaah’ moment when you step into your home can be as simple as refreshing your entryway and front garden. Often the front of our homes can become neglected because we’re focused on the inside.. Read more

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In part 1 you were given ideas of gifting experiences to avoid building up clutter in people’s homes.  Another way to avoid contributing to loved one’s clutter is to gift consumables. In my family, for some members, we’ve agreed to only gift consumable items. Stuff that’s able to be used up or eaten. Gifting Consumables Some. Read more


Virginia offered strategic, thoughtful advice & was unobtrusive & sensitive to the emotion that was being dredged up by the stuff we were working through. Her services were an excellent investment on solving a problem that has been hanging over my head for several years. I was looking for someone to accompany me & “coach” me through getting rid of superfluous & redundant physical clutter that was having a psychological effect on my mental clarity.

Donella Johnston, Ngunnawal, ACT