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Refreshing your entryway, front door, outside, decluttering, openness, welcoming, free, homely

Posted by Virginia Wells -

I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to come home and feel immediately at ease.  Creating that ‘Aaaaaah’ moment when you step into your home can be as simple as refreshing your entryway and front garden. Often the front of our homes can become neglected because we’re focused on the inside.. Read more

presents, birthday, christmas, anniversary

Posted by Virginia Wells -

In part 1 you were given ideas of gifting experiences to avoid building up clutter in people’s homes.  Another way to avoid contributing to loved one’s clutter is to gift consumables. In my family, for some members, we’ve agreed to only gift consumable items. Stuff that’s able to be used up or eaten. Gifting Consumables Some. Read more

anniversary, birthday, christmas presents, giving

Posted by Virginia Wells -

Being a declutterer, I am an advocate for giving gifts that wont clutter up your friends/families home. Sometimes we put in a lot of thought into gift giving, other times we fall victim to the pressure of giving ‘something’ for the sake of it. This of course, can lead to clutter! So, before buying gifts. Read more

Radio Spot on Clutter, Sentimental Clutter, kitchen clutter, storing kids pictures & paintings, WellSorted, Lish Feyer

Posted by Virginia Wells -

I’ve been in the media a little bit over the last few months.  I thought I’d share some of these with you.  The radio slot was very nerve racking but I got through the interview with the very lovely Lish and hopefully imparted a few tips to you all.  I sound different to how I. Read more

Makeup organising, WellSorted, bathroom cupboards, storing beauty products

Posted by Virginia Wells -

We have so many products to choose from in our bathrooms (and potentially spotted throughout our bedroom, handbags, car and house).  So many hair care, makeup and hygiene products are available and often we are in the search of the ‘perfect’ cream or gloss. With so many products lying around we can often waste precious. Read more


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